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High-energy astrophysics has led to many surprising discoveries. With the help of X-ray telescopes have been discovered hot gas in clusters of galaxies, pulsed X-ray emission from neutron stars in binary star systems. Finally, it was discovered radiation is strongly heated dense gas, presumably, twist like a whirlwind in a black hole.

Gamma-ray telescopes have revealed the center of our Galaxy annihilation processes of electrons and positrons - transforming them in a collision in the gamma-ray emission.
In recent years, begun to develop a new section of astrophysics - neutrino astronomy.

Neutrino due to its enormous penetrating power is the only type of radiation, which may fall to Earth from the very depths of the sun and stars and to bring information about the place where processes.

The very first data on the solar neutrino flux allowed to make very interesting hypotheses about the processes of nuclear fusion in the solar interior, they need to test in future experiments. Now being sought neutrino bursts from supernovae at the time of gravitational collapse (i.e., compression due to gravity), resulting in huge amounts of energy to fly away in the form of neutrino radiation. Calculations show that these neutrino bursts can be detected in underground laboratories
Even if the supernova flared optically observable due to too large distances.
On the basis of observational astrophysics, based on the laws of physics, astronomers draw conclusions about the conditions in celestial bodies, which are not directly observable. For example, calculate the internal structure of stars and the sun, using observational data on the conditions on their surfaces. Theoretical astrophysics can also describe the evolution of the Sun, stars and other celestial bodies.
As already mentioned, the study of astrophysical phenomena, astronomers often with physical conditions, completely unattainable in terrestrial laboratories. Thus, the density of the interstellar gas in billions of times smaller than water density and the density of neutron stars is the same as the density of atomic nuclei, the magnetic fields of neutron stars in a thousand billion times the Earth's magnetic field.

Not surprisingly, in such unusual circumstances may the flow of new, unknown, processes, and hence the discovery of new physical laws. This is important for astrophysics, physics, for all the basic science, learn about the world.